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The Apocalypse Watch

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The Apocalypse Watch

American agent Harry Latham has penetrated the fortresslike mountain hideaway of the Brotherhood of the Watch, a neo-Nazi organization that was born in the days after the fall of the Third Reich. But...
American agent Harry Latham has penetrated the fortresslike mountain hideaway of the Brotherhood of the Watch, a neo-Nazi organization that was born in the days after the fall of the Third Reich. But...
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  • American agent Harry Latham has penetrated the fortresslike mountain hideaway of the Brotherhood of the Watch, a neo-Nazi organization that was born in the days after the fall of the Third Reich. But on the eve of his most spectacular success, after three years in deep cover, Harry disappears.

    Drew Latham, Special Officer for Consular Operations in Paris, is frantic to discover his older brother's fate. But when Drew receives the good news that Harry has surfaced, gut-twisting doubts arise. For Harry has emerged with an explosive document: a list of secret supporters of the Brotherhood, among them high-ranking officials of the United States and its allies. But is it legitimate? The search for the truth about Harry and the growing Nazi threat will plunge Drew into a labyrinth of deceit and death. And whoever makes it out alive will hold the fate of the free world in his hands.

    Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Apocalypse Watch

    "A powerful, exploding novel . . . vintage Ludlum in fine form."--Booklist

    "If a Pulitzer Prize were awarded for escapist fiction, Robert Ludlam undoubtedly would have won it. Ten times over."--Mobile Register

    "Bloody great fun."--Kirkus Reviews

    BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Identity.

  • Chapter One

    "We are here, Herr Lassiter," said Latham's German companion as the mountain vehicle pulled up to a barrack door under the roped green screening high above. "It is much warmer now, much more pleasant, nicht wahr?"

    "It certainly is," answered the deep-cover intelligence officer, sitting down from the rear seat. "I'm actually sweating under these clothes."

    "We'll take the outerwear off inside and have yours dried for return."

    "I'd appreciate it. I must be back in Munich by tonight."

    "Yes, we understand. Come, the Kommandant." As the two approached the heavy black wooden door with the scarlet swastika emblazoned in the center, there was a whooshing sound in the air. Above, through the translucent green screening, the large wings of a glider swooped in descending circles into the valley. "Another wonder, Herr Lassiter? It is released from its mother aircraft at an altitude of roughly thirteen hundred feet. Naturlich, the pilot must be extremely well trained, for the winds are dangerous, so unpredictable. It is used only in emergencies."

    "I can see how it comes down. How does it get up?"

    "The same winds, mein Herr, with the assistance of disposable booster rockets. In the thirties, we Germans developed the most advanced glider aircraft."

    "Why not use a conventional small plane?"

    "Too easily monitored. A glider can be pulled up from a field, a clear pasture. A plane must be fueled, be serviced, have maintenance, and frequently, even a flight plan."

    "Phantastisch," repeated the American. "And--of course--the glider has few or no metal parts. Plastic and sized cloth are difficult for radar grids to pick up."

    "Difficult," agreed the new-age Nazi. "Not completely impossible, but extremely difficult."

    "Amazing," said Herr Lassiter as his companion opened the door of the valley's headquarters. "You are all to be congratulated. Your isolation is matched by your security. Superb!" Feigning a casualness he did not feel, Latham looked around the large room. There was a profusion of sophisticated computerized equipment, banks of consoles against each wall, starchy-uniformed operators in front of each, seemingly an equal mix of men and women.... Men and women--something was odd, at least not normal. What was it? And then he knew; to an individual, the operators were young, generally in their twenties, mostly blond or light-haired, with clear, suntanned skin. As a group they were inordinately attractive, like models corralled by an advertising agency to sit in front of a client's computer products, conveying the message that potential customers, too, would look like this if they bought the merchandise.

    "Each is an expert, Mr. Lassiter," said an unfamiliar, monotonic voice behind Latham. The American turned abruptly. The newcomer was a man about his own age, dressed in camouflage fatigues and wearing a Wehrmacht officer's cap; he had silently emerged from an open doorway on the left. "General Ulrich von Schnabe, your enthusiastic host, mein Herr," he continued, offering his hand. "We meet a legend in his own time. Such a privilege!"

    "You're far too generous, General. I'm merely an international businessman, but one with definite ideological persuasions, if you like."

    "No doubt reached by years of international observation?"

    "You could say that, and not be in error. They claim that Africa was the first continent, yet, while others have developed over several thousand years, Afrika remains the Dark Continent, the black continent. The northern shores are now havens for equally inferior people."


About the Author-
  • Robert Ludlum was the author of twenty-one novels, each a New York Times bestseller. There are more than 210 million of his books in print, and they have been translated into thirty-two languages. In addition to the Jason Bourne series--The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum--he was the author of The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Chancellor Manuscript, and The Apocalypse Watch, among many others. Mr. Ludlum passed away in March, 2001.

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The Apocalypse Watch
The Apocalypse Watch
Robert Ludlum
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The Apocalypse Watch
The Apocalypse Watch
Robert Ludlum
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